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1950s AU IGNIS

The boy just sighed rubbing his hair out of his face and attempting to recall how his life came to be now.

after giving up his old lifeĀ  and disbanding the gang “Flameing Skulls” Ignis Kasei was now just a really delinquent looking student in appearance the eye patch the scar. He had only one eye for christ sake thanks to picking fights, now thanks to that and some talking down from the cop that took him in for treatment Ignis went around the schools stopping gang wars from escalating to chaos.

And now look where he is, actually catching up with his school work and sucking it up, plus trying to keep peace in an already booming school with different groups asking for trouble. Girl problems to top it off he also had to deal with that Zoe Levi …ah yes the girl who sits behind him and leaves unexplained notes. What was up with that? anyways Ignis was just sitting under a tree, his hair moppy and hanging in his face here and there.

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